Department of Epidemiology Subclinical CVD Journal Club

Department of Epidemiology Subclinical CVD Journal Club:
Goal: The goal of this Journal Club is to provide students and faculty with the opportunity to review and to present important articles in the literature pertaining to subclinical cardiovascular disease (SCD) to their peers, with some emphasis on SCD measures that are utilized in the Department of Epidemiology Ultrasound Research Lab. In addition, it also offers the opportunity to present our own data related to SCD. This year, we will meet twice per month with one presenter per meeting. The articles may be an original research article, a review article or both. References to articles will be emailed

Primary Faculty:

Emma Barinas-Mitchell, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology<

Akira Sekikawa, MD, PhD<
Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology

Trevor J. Orchard MD, M Med Sci, FAHA, FACE
Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Medicine & Pediatrics

Christina Wassel, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology

Journal Club Coordinator:

William Fisher, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Epidemiology

Audiovisuals Coordinator:

Anna Sangl
Meeting Times: Wednesdays, 3:00 – 4:30 pm
Location: EDC Conference Room #130
Current Topic: The focus of the 2014/2015 Journal Club will continue to be the presentation of research being conducted by the CVD training grant trainees and faculty collaborating with the URL, as it relates to subclinical cardiovascular disease. This may take the form of practice for overview/comprehensive meetings, preparation for conference talks and/or informal works in progress (WIP) presentations. In addition, in line with EPIDEM 2152 we will review articles related to the manuscripts being prepared on topics yet to be determined.

If you are presenting, please email the title, citation and article PDFs (where applicable) to William Fisher TWO WEEKS in advance.

Date Presenter Title
1/21/2015 1 Vivien Huang “Prospective associations between serum biomarkers of lipid metabolism and overall, breast and prostate cancer risk” (His et al., 2014)
2 Carrie Hanley “Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat Quality and Cardiometabolic Risk” (Rosenquist et al., 2013)
1 Natalie Suder “Perturbations of Circulating Levels of RANKL-Osteoprotegerin Axis in Relation to Lipids and Progression of Atherosclerosis in HIV-Infected and -Uninfected Adults: ACTG NWCS 332/A5078 Study” (Kelesidis et al., 2013)
2 Will Fisher “Effect of Meditation on Endothelial Function in Black Americans with Metabolic Syndrome: A Randomized Trial” (Vaccarino et al., 2014)
1 Yamnia Cortes “Biobehavioral Risk Correlates of Cardiovascular Disease and Bone Loss in postmenopausal HIV-infected and Uninfected Minority Women.”
2 Jessica White AHA presentation
2/25/2015 1 Natalie Suder “ Symptomatic Carotid Atherosclerotic Disease: Correlations Between Plaque Composition and Ipsilateral Stroke Risk” (Howard et al., 2014)
2 Will Fisher “The Clinical Relevance of the Percentage Flow-Mediated Dilation Index” (Atkinson & Batterham, 2015)
3 Jessica White AHA presentation
3/18/2015 1 Vivien Huang “Insulin, Estrogen, Inflammatory Markers, and Risk of Benign Proliferative Breast Disease” (Catsburg et al., 2014)
2 Carrie Hanley “Ectopic cardiovascular fat in middle-aged men: effects of race/ethnicity, overall and central adiposity. The ERA JUMP study.” (El Khoudary et al., 2015)
4/8/2015 1 Natalie Suder “Exposure to Parental Smoking in Childhood is Associated with Increased Risk of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque in Adulthood: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study” (West et al., 2015)
2 Will Fisher “Subclinical cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women with low/medium cardiovascular risk by the Framingham risk score” (Maturana et al., 2015)
4/22/2015 1 Vivien Huang
2 Carrie Hanley
5/13/2015 1 Natalie Suder
2 Will Fisher
5/27/2015 1 Vivien Huang
2 Carrie Hanley
6/10/2015 1 Natalie Suder
2 Will Fisher
6/24/2015 1 Vivien Huang
2 Carrie Hanley
7/8/2015 1 Natalie Suder
2 Will Fisher
7/22/2015 1 Vivien Huang
2 Carrie Hanley